At Eckert Byrne, we believe that estate planning is not a transactional experience but instead an interactive process. There are many reasons to check-in with your estate plan on a regular basis. As your needs and goals change over your lifetime, your estate plan may need to change as well.  Estate Planning laws, taxes and regulations change constantly and may require your documents to be amended.
Below are some circumstances which may require an annual re-examination of your plan:
  • Your children have reached legal age and you would like to designate them as your Health Care Agent or Power of Attorney (or would like them to get documents of their own: review our Sapling Plan for young adults!)
  • There has been a death or divorce in your family
  • An important person in your plan has married, moved, died, etc., resulting in a name or address change
  • A shift in family dynamics may result in a change in nominations or distribution amounts
  • A shift in family assets may result in a change in distribution amounts
  • You have added a new family member (birth or adoption) and want to discuss legal and temporary guardianship options
We offer a variety of options and services to help ensure your plan continues to work for you and your family, including:


For $395/year/user you get: 

  • A Secure Digital Vault for your documents accessible 24/7.
  • Instructional Legacy Worksheets to best capture your specific goals and wishes surrounding healthcare, funeral arrangements, inheritance and family history to pass on your legacy.
  • Technical Report on changes in the law and issues that might affect your plan.
  • Checklist of personal circumstances that may trigger the need for an update to your plan.
  • Annual Reminder to review your flowchart, asset table, technical report, and complete/update your legacy instruction worksheets. 
  • Peace of mind that your documents are up-to-date and accurately reflect your goals and wishes.
  • 10% discount for any Legal Check Up work (see below) or additional planning tools.


Retainer required if more than one hour of work is needed.

Just like you need to check the oil in your car on a regular basis, you need to check in on your estate planning documents to make sure your plan is running as smoothly as possible. Your legal check up could include an hour long meeting with an attorney, amendments to your plan, review of your documents, flowchart and assets, a family consultation, or additional planning tools – we want to make this flexible and easy for you. 
All Legal Check Ups begin with a one hour meeting with the attorney at her hourly rate. If additional work is needed beyond the one hour, the attorney will provide a quote for a retainer or flat fee services. Annual maintenance enrollees (above) receive a 10% discount on attorney hourly rate or flat fee services. Current attorney rates are as follows and are subject to change:
  • Anna E. Byrne, Esq. – $500 per hour
  • Kristin N.G. Dzialo, Esq. – $400 per hour
  • Paralegals – $200 per hour
  • Legal assistants and law clerks – $75 per hour
The attorney assigned to your matter is subject to availability and change.

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For assistance with funding your estate plan, we offer a flat-fee solution.

Real Estate (Recorded Land)

$55000per property
  • Masachussetts Only
  • Fee includes registry recording/filing costs.

Real Estate (Registered Land)

$61500per property
  • Masachussetts Only
  • Fee includes registry recording/filing costs.

Beneficiary Designations

$24000per account/policy
  • Bank/Investment/Brokerage Accounts (POD/TOD)
  • Life Insurance (Premium & Contingent)
  • Retirement Accounts/Annuities

Account Ownership Change

$24000per account
  • Bank/Investment/Brokerage Account


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