Thankful and Grateful: Eckert Byrne’s Thanksgiving Message

Thankful and Grateful: Eckert Byrne's Thanksgiving Message Dear Friends, This season is traditionally about gathering with loved ones and expressing gratitude for what we have.  It’s about celebrating all that we have in our lives that is bountiful and good. It’s the opportunity to practice seeing ALL that surrounds us for [...]

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Scary Scams to Look Out for This Halloween

Scary Scams to Look Out for This Halloween Dear friends, We hope you’ve all been enjoying the beautiful fall weather! Who doesn’t love the fall? Apple picking or pumpkin picking with the family. Sipping on hot apple cider and eating cider donuts. Dressing up for Halloween or being spooked by all [...]

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Our New Video Series Is Here!

Our New Video Series Is Here! Dear Friends, We at Eckert Byrne hope you are having a splendid start to the New England summer! While it seems to be a busy time for all of us with graduations, travel, weddings, and so on – I wanted to take this opportunity to [...]

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A Warm Welcome!

A Warm Welcome! Dear Friends, I hope you are well and healthy after a restful summer. As we ease into fall, the change of season brings new color and energy to our routines. Now in our 13th year, our practice continues to expand and offer services that reach beyond estate planning [...]

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Cybersecurity Awareness

We recently had a friend of the firm reach out detailing an unfortunate phishing scam they fell prey to. While it didn’t affect our firm or any of our clients, it was nonetheless unsettling news. The target was tech savvy, knowledgeable in their field of finance, and always cautious. Sadly, it seems that as the technology around us becomes more advanced, so do the scammers that aim to deceive honest people.

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Guidance Through Changing Seasons

Joyously, it seems New England has turned the page on winter and spring is beckoning! Our Eckert Byrne family hopes you had a pleasant Easter, Passover, or Ramadan for those who celebrate. The spring season seems to bring ruminations on change, rebirth, and growth. We’ve been through a lot of changes of late as a firm and thanks to our team’s dedication and determination, that change has sprung growth and newfound purpose.

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Happy Birthday Eckert Byrne!

April 1st is a special day here at Eckert Byrne LLC! On this day, in 2009, I took a leap of faith by creating this law firm. Eckert Byrne was founded with a vision to create a law firm that would serve clients holistically by focusing on creating plans that account for people’s loved ones/legacy and provide a pathway for an on-going relationship.

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Estate Planning for Real Estate: Don’t Forget Your Deeded Timeshares!

With our office in Cambridge, we are constantly reminded of the soaring real estate market. As I look in every direction from our Third Street office, I can see a handful of tower cranes being used in the construction of new or renovated buildings. In addition to the commercial boom, we are all very aware of the surge in residential real estate values. Many residents in and around the Boston area have owned their homes for a number of years and are witnessing value increases at unprecedented rates. For many of these homeowners, their home is one of their largest assets and they often expect to age in place. A homeowner may ask, how can I plan for passing on my legacy?

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Keep Your Digital Assets Safe and Secure with the New iPhone Legacy Contact Feature

In one of our past newsletters, we talked about the importance of keeping our digital assets safe and secure. As a firm, we’ve counseled our clients over the years to have a plan for their digital assets if incapacitated and indicate who and what their successor should have access to. I was recently reminded of our digital asset planning when I came across an article about Apple’s new Digital Legacy setting. 

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