The Eckert Byrne LLC Birch Plan

Eckert Byrne Birch Plan

Who Is The Birch Plan For?

Ideal Birch Plan clients:

  • Have substantial assets that will pass through the will at probate
  • Accept the publicity, costs, and time associated with the probate court process
  • Feel comfortable with organizing and documenting their finances and assets
  • Want a simple plan at a low cost
  • Have no special beneficiaries (minor children, elderly, or special needs beneficiaries)

How Does The Birch Plan Help You?

Birch Plan clients benefit by:

  • Deciding who will oversee their estate at their death
  • Determining exactly who will inherit their property
  • Ensuring the probate/court estate administration is as easy as possible for their loved ones
  • Not leaving their plan up to the defaults imposed under the law

How The Birch Plan Process Works

 The Birch Plan Timeline

Week 2-3

The first two to three weeks will consist of the initial intake and plan design process. The conversation can take place via phone, video call, or in-person meeting. The attorney will walk you through the components of the Birch Plan and you will make specific decisions regarding your documents. You will leave the meeting with a flowchart outline of your plan.

Week 6-7

The delivery meeting will be scheduled for week six or seven. In this meeting, you will review your documents with an attorney, making note of the provisions specific to your plan and sign them in the presence of two witnesses and a notary public.

Week 20

You will be given a 90-day review period from the date of the delivery meeting. In this period, you can read through your estate plan documents and contact Eckert Byrne LLC if you have any questions regarding your plan.

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