My Daughter’s Television Debut

I recently had the unique and fun opportunity to be featured on NBC for a news segment on “Budgeting for Baby.”  Watch it here! Nora Yousif, CFP, Associate Vice President of Williams Investment Group, is a third-generation financial advisor, and is often featured on NECN’s Money Saving Monday segments.  She connected me with NBC producers regarding the segment.

I was featured as the expectant mother (with no mention of my professional background as it would cause too much complexity to the story).  I would happily just be a pregnant lady for the afternoon.  My husband was both relieved and offended after a scheduling conflict left him out of the segment.  He was billed as the ‘eye candy’ anyway – as if he has no grasp on budgeting or handling a baby since he is not physically carrying her.  I understand his mixed feelings.

It was surreal having a camera crew in our apartment.  I was not sure how I would feel having such a secret window into my life broadcast through the universe, but it was filmed very well and did not feel invasive.  It took over an hour to capture the few minutes on film.  I was directed on where to stand, how to walk, when to pick up baby clothes, asked to read a book in a chair….  They used a lot of insider ‘lingo’ that I was not familiar with, but could quickly catch on (all the terms now having escaped my foggy, pregnancy brain).

The crew, who was professional, accommodating, and made me feel so relaxed, entered my home and immediately went to work.  I was asked many questions that I am sure I rambled on and made little sense, but they were always supportive and made me feel like my responses were just what they needed!  Although we had little baby ‘stuff’ in the apartment at the time, they made me feel like everything was perfect and they could work with the items we did have.

I must say, it was a bit nerve-racking talking about myself!  I am used to discussing the topics of life insurance, money, estate plans, guardianships, etc., because I do this for a living.  But I am usually talking about other people.  It was definitely a different experience talking about myself. I felt a bit vulnerable and exposed.  But also, was made to feel so comfortable that I didn’t need to sensor myself in any way.

All in all, the experience was so memorable and I would do it again!  It will be most exciting to share with our daughter someday.  My husband already downloaded the broadcast to our home server so we can show it with her years down the road when the internet link is no longer working.  We created an email account for our daughter, and periodically email her when exciting things happen.  So, of course I have already emailed her all about the news segment!  It was her first television debut!  She was very well-behaved; I couldn’t be prouder of her. 🙂

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  1. As the pregnant Mama’s Mama, I loved reading your blog and had a few chuckles, too. I shared the link with many of my friends. It was thrilling to see you on TV. As always, Dad and I are proud of you.

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