Feng Shui Your (Desk) Stress Away!

Although there’s still snow on the ground, spring cleaning is in full bloom at our firm. Blame it on the New Year, but most of us feel like it’s time to declutter our lives…and our desks! We create resolutions focused on our body, but our mind needs some loving too! It’s time we overhaul our desk space and create a conducive environment to set the stage for accomplishing our professional goals in 2017!

A professional habit of mine is maintaining an aesthetically pleasing office desk that awakens all of my senses. It might sound like hippie-living (OK, it does sound like hippie-living…), but Ayurvedic practitioners preach that you are likely to feel healthier in both body and mind when you properly balance all of your senses.

Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy to stay balanced. Naturally, people tend to favor certain senses over others. Most people place a fragrant candle on their desk and call it a day. Stop for a moment and analyze your desk space. Which senses do you tend to overemphasize? Which senses do you neglect? What items on your desk immediately become stressors, and what objects are pleasing to your eyes? Some quick and easy ways to bring accent colors to your desk layout include using fun coasters or a colored stapler, keyboard, and mousepad!

Now that you have a list of items that can trigger all of your senses, let’s create a desk layout using the basic principles of the ancient Chinese practice, feng shui!

Here is a great starter layout for your desk that I will help you breakdown:

Back Left: Prosperity (blues, purples, greens) Examples: Plants, candles, diffusers (not too fragrant!)

Back: Fame/Reputation (fire colors) Examples: Desk lamp, framed diplomas and awards (always keep physical reminders of your accomplishments within eyesight!)

Back Right: Relationships (love colors) Examples: Picture of significant other; rose quartz

Right: Creativity (metals) Examples: Pen holder, paper clip tray, stapler, mousepad

Front Right: Contacts (gray colors) Examples: Phone, business card holder

Front: Career/Energy (power colors like black) Examples: Computer, monitor, keyboard

Front Left: Knowledge (earth tones) Examples: Reference books, inbox, active projects

Left: Family (wood) Examples: Framed photos of family members

Here is my current desk, utilizing the above layout:

Feel energized already?! Now that you have the layout, let’s add our office desk to things that need trimmed of fat this New Year!

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